New Program

There is a great need to educate children who have not had any schooling and may be around 12-13 years old. We have begun with our first boy who is eleven. We will tutor them, feed them and love them. When they reach their grade level we will place them in the school across the street from our MOMI Base in Mabanga.

Jon Davey

Land Trustee

Director and Vice Chair MOMI

Evans Sabwami LandTrustee 

We are privileged to be able to come to Kenya and help those in need. We bring hope and restoration wherever God sends us. We would love for you to take the time to check out our Face Book Page, where you will receive more info on our projects. 


We would like to begin bringing in teams to train locals and help us build. If you are interested contact us. 

If you have had it on your heart to work with the poor or to train up people in certain skills or even to teach children, we may be your mission!!

We do our best to improve life for communities in need!

Director: Lynn Whitlock

Vice Chair: Kharis Davey

Recent Programs

We have been multiplying our chickens and live stock in order to feed our boys and give to the surrounding community. Our goal is to help as many woman as possible to raise their own animals and farm. Many are single parent homes and they need help to send their children to school. 

Andrew Khakula


Advisory Board



Brigitte Khakula

Secretary (Kenya)

Beth Bodemann Secretary (USA)